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November, 2011

Jack Abraham

Founder, Milo

June, 2011

Rick Thompson W'96

Founder, Adify
Founder, Playdom
Founder, Dogtime Media
Founder, Wild Needle

March, 2011

Vernon Hill W'67

Founder, Commerce Bancorp
Founder, Metro Bank

February, 2011

Nathaniel Stevens W'10

Founder, Yodle

December, 2010

Alfred Liggins WG'95

CEO, Radio One

November, 2010

Nathaniel Turner W'08

Co-founder, Invite Media

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Wharton Entrepreneurship Alumni Impact

Jack Abraham

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Jack Abraham - Early Success Story

Our full interview with Jack Abraham

Jack Abraham - Early Success Story
Jack Abraham - Early Success Story

This Early Success Story features Jack Abraham. As an undergraduate student at Wharton, he received a Wharton Venture Award and founded local-shopping site Milo, which he sold to eBay in 2010 for $75 million. Jack talks about how Milo came about, the acquisition, and why he thinks every entrepreneur needs to learn how to sell.

For more information, read our article about Jack in the November 2011 edition of Get It Started, WEP's newsletter.