Startup Challenge Semifinalist: rePurpose

Repurpose logo

Team Leader:
Robert Dowling, EE’18/ENG’18/W’18
Team Member:
Peter Wang Hjemdahl, W’18

elevator pitch: rePurpose is a for-profit social enterprise that empowers marginalized trash pickers in urban slums by providing them the crucial processing equipment to kickstart mini-ventures, tripling their incomes and transforming them into micro-entrepreneurs and central players in the recycling supply chain.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Our business idea spun out of the Regional Finals of Hult Prize 2016, a $1M social entrepreneurship competition hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative, responding to the call of action by Bill Clinton to double the income of 10M slum dwellers worldwide by 2021.

How will your venture change the world?
rePurpose is game-changing because our business model of incubating mini-ventures will triple the income of 10 million trash pickers living in extreme poverty worldwide, thereby restoring their dignities, life prospects, and ultimately happiness.

Fun Facts:

  • Robert has piloted a nuclear submarine
  • Peter went mountain biking off the Death Road in Bolivia

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