Student Experts in Residence

Technical Experts In Residence


Vishnu Rachakonda ENG’18 (Lead Tech EIR)My name is Vishnu and I’m a junior studying bioengineering and political science at Penn. I’m passionate about the transformative impact of entrepreneurship can have for both founders and broader communities. I’ve worked with multiple startups in the past, culminating this past summer in a fellowship with True Ventures, a leading early-stage venture capital firm. As a technical consultant, I’m looking forward to assisting you by bringing together my broad technical knowledge with my ability to identify and connect you to the right resource for you to resolve your challenges. Let’s work together!


Prashant Arya GEN’17 – My name is Prashant Arya, I am from India, and I am currently studying Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania. I did my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Product Design and Development. I have done projects in the Healthcare sector and during the summer developed a Pumped Breastmilk management system for Neonatal ICU’s where I massively prototyped using 3D printing processes. My thesis project focuses on developing technological solutions for small scale businesses which, basically is the application of Industrial IOT. I have experience in product design, user experience/ interface design and healthcare innovation.


Nichin Sreekantaswamy GEE’17 – Nichin is a final year masters student in Electrical Engineering at Penn. He picked up a passion for designing smart systems and robotics after internships at Caltech and Técnico Lisboa, Portugal. He absolutely enjoys rapid prototyping a hardware product and also hacking together a web system to go with it. At Penn he has been a part of the Intercultural Leadership Program and has a lot of experience and awareness in dealing with people with diverse skills and cultures. After graduating he hopes to start his career as a product developer, building systems for the IoT industry.


Anvith Ekkati GEN’18I’m Anvith, a Masters student in the robotics program at Penn. Prior to my arrival here I worked at Microsoft India for a year as a Software Developer and also co-founded a startup back in India that worked primarily on mobile apps. I have a lot of experience working on native apps on iOS as well as Android and would love to help where I can! I have also tried my hand at game development and web development. My non tech side is a huge soccer fan (go gooners!) and loves dogs.”


David Kanter C’17My name is David Kanter, I am from New Jersey, and I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am majoring in Science Technology and Society, and my area of focus here is on the history post World War II computing. I worked at Amazon Web Services this summer and have recently picked up some technical knowledge as a Certified AWS Solutions Architect. Very excited to work on startups around campus on their AWS needs including but not limited to security, cost savings, troubleshooting, and service value propositions. If you want to nerd out about anything technology, feel free to let me know!


Derek Jobst ENG’17Derek Jobst is a senior studying Computer Science at Penn Engineering with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. He is one of the organizers of The Penn Tech Trek and has been involved in the leadership of the PennApps hackathon. Off campus, Derek has worked as a software engineer at Applecart (a Penn startup), eBay NYC, and (a startup in SF). His experience includes web development, design, video production, and photography.


Carissa Lim C’16 GEN’17 – Carissa Lim, originally from southern California, is currently studying Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania. Before studying product design, she studied architecture as an undergraduate at Penn. Her current project focuses on using design thinking as a way to study and prevent newborn falls at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). Other projects include designing access to epinephrine on college campuses and hospital tablets for patients, caregivers, and providers. She has academic and professional experience in architecture, healthcare innovation and design, product design and development, and graphic design.

Business Experts in Residence


Rajat Bhageria EE’18, ENG’18, GEN’18, W’18 (Lead Business EIR) –  Recently announced by Forbes as one of the “”Fifteen Of The Brightest College Entrepreneurs” at colleges around America,” Rajat is an entrepreneur, life optimizer, book author, and Forbes contributor. He is currently the Founder and CEO of ThirdEye Technologies, Inc ( commercializing a product that empowers the blind using computer vision; Rajat completely bootstrapped the company during college, managed product, established partnerships with major players like the Google Cloud Vision team and the National Federation of the Blind, and led distribution of the product to over 1,300 visually impaired people in US and Asia; the company was a finalist and award winner at both the Wharton Business Plan Competition as well as PennAppsX. Before ThirdEye, he was Interim COO of a 15 person hardware startup where he managed operations, recruited and managed software engineers, and helped fundraise. In the past, he has also worked on building and commercializing platform for writers to publish their creative writing with the world and a modular sofa that integrates with your entertainment center. Rajat believes that all schools should encourage entrepreneurship and highlights his views on how we can fix our currently broken education system in his book What High School Didn’t Teach Me: A Recent Graduate’s Perspective on How High Schools are Killing Creativity. He also writes in Forbes and HuffPost about why more young people should build things while they’re in college. Rajat loves talking about all things startups, technology, and business; get in touch with questions about product, trends in technology, finding product market fit, sales, marketing and branding, growth, press, building an MVP, business plans, pitching, recruiting, fundraising (angel and VC).


Dhruv Jain ENG’17 W’17Dhruv is a senior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology studying computer science, material science and statistics. Dhruv has worn multiple hats throughout his undergraduate career, working in consulting roles at the Wharton SBDC, leading the growth team at Fundera, and most recently as a VC intern at Bessemer Venture Partners. Furthermore, Dhruv combines strategy with a strong data analytics background. As an active member of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative and former data science consultant for the Wharton Digital Health Club, he has experience with using machine learning techniques to analyze data, synthesize it, and ultimately drive business insights.


Eric Johnson WG’18 – Eric Johnson is a first-year MBA Candidate at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also currently a founding investment team member of a $100 million dollar early-stage technology venture capital fund. Previously, he was co-founder and COO of an on-demand food delivery startup serving 80,000+ customers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, and was a Senior Consultant in Ernst & Young LLP’s Performance Improvement group, providing product/project management and strategy services to large corporations in the Technology, Semiconductor, HealthCare, and Automotive industries. He grew up in the Bay Area, earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, and is an avid soccer player and outdoor enthusiast.


Negar Rajabi WG’17 – Negar is a second year MBA student at Wharton majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and Finance. She has a masters degree in Mechanical engineering and several years of research experience in designing biomedical devices. She has led multiple projects in energy industry with the focus on new product development and project management . She is the founder of Cemsica; a cleantech startup, the winner of Rice Business Plan Competition, Recipient of Wharton Venture award, and a Wharton VIP company. She is also the CEO of an advanced material startup, C-Crete Technologies, winner of MIT 100K competition and many more prestigious awards, which develops nanomaterials with unprecedented properties for various applications in energy industry.