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Wharton Entrepreneurship Wednesdays


Wharton Entrepreneurship Wednesdays is a series of biweekly tactical workshops for Penn entrepreneurs at any stage. Whether you’re exploring entrepreneurship, developing your idea, or ready to launch, Wharton Entrepreneurship can help. Attend one of our sessions and find your path today.

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Spring 2016

Pitching Yourself to Startups
Wednesday, February 3, 12:00-1:20pm
JMHH 255
Maria Halpern, MBA Career Management

Join MBA Career Management, Wharton Entrepreneurship, eClub and Tech Club for a session on how to effectively “pitch” yourself for job opportunities at startups. In this workshop, MBACM will share best practices for networking and landing jobs with startups collected from conversations with startup founders, hiring managers, alumni and VCs.

Missed this session? Watch the video recording here.

What Do Early Stage VCs Look For?

Wednesday, February 3, 4:30-5:30pm
JMHH 260
Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital

Josh Kopelman W'93, Founder of First Round Capital, will discuss what early-stage VCs look for when deciding whether or not to invest in a startup.

Learnings from Building Artisan Mobile
Wednesday, February 10, 12:00-1:30pm
JMHH 255
Bob Moul, CEO, Cloudamize
Bob Moul, local Philly tech CEO, will share lessons learned on the "rise and fall" of Artisan Mobile. He will talk about the "f" word with real world depth and experience far beyond the cliché "fail fast" mantra of current startup culture. Bob's original talk at PSL Founder Factory last December was attended by several hundred entrepreneurs and created a stir in the startup community worldwide for its remarkable candor.

Startup Finance Workshop 
Wednesday, February 17, 12:00-1:30pm
JMHH 255
Mike Taormina, Consultant, VentureOutNY

- How do founders create the projections that will excite a VC into making an investment, while also keeping those     goals achievable and believable for the team?
- What should founders have ready to present to VCs when raising capital?
- What are some rules of thumb founders can incorporate to better model out their venture?  
Michael Taormina WG'15, co-founder and former CFO of CommonBond, will explore these and other common startup finance issues faced by entrepreneurs looking to secure capital and properly manage their business. Co-founding and launching CommonBond while an MBA at Wharton, Michael helped raise $10mm in equity capital to finance internal operations and over $300mm of debt capital to support the company's lending business.

How to Talk to Tech
Wednesday, March 2, 12:00-1:30pm
JMHH 255
Alec Lamon, Senior Director of the Wharton School's Research and Innovation Group and Sarah Toms, IT Director of Wharton's Learning Lab

You’ve got a great idea for a technology startup but you’re not sure how to take the idea to the next step. In this workshop you will learn about the tools and techniques for developing a successful prototype as well as how to communicate your ideas to developers and other technical folks that will help make your idea a reality. This session will also provide tips and tricks for evaluating technical talent.

Missed this session? Watch the video recording here.