Social Impact

James D. Thompson, PhD, is coauthor, with Ian (Mac) C. MacMillan, of The Social Entrepreneur’s PlaybookHe is also co-founder and director of the Wharton Social Entrepreneurship Program. His current research is focused on social entrepreneurship, future market growth, and investment under conditions of high uncertainty. He has extensive experience in Africa and works around the world with organizations intent on growth in value. James is published in the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Management Science, Organization Science, and the Research-Technology Management Journal.


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Books / Book Chapters

  • Ian C. Macmillan, James D. Thompson, The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Wharton Digital Press, 2013
  • Perrini, F., et al: The new social entrepreneurship: what awaits social entrepreneurial ventures? Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006

Recent Awards

  • 2009 Best Paper: Thought Leader category of the Entrepreneurship Division at the US Academy of Management (with Marc Gruber and Ian C. MacMillan)
  • 2009 Best Paper in Innovation by the European Business School (with Marc Gruber and Ian C. MacMillan)