Social Impact

Wharton Entrepreneurial Social Impact

Wharton Entrepreneurship is a leader in supporting entrepreneurial social impact by attracting and supporting student entrepreneurs who aim to use their venture's success to solve social problems. Our philosophy is to maintain a cohesive student entrepreneurial community and actively work to support ventures across the social entrepreneurship spectrum. This includes both for-profit and non-profit business models as well as ventures with a solely social mission or a combined social and commercial mission. Recently students participating in Wharton Entrepreneurship co-curricular programs have explored ventures that address a broad range of social issues including: pure drinking water, solar energy, access to eyewear, micro-finance, non-profit fundraising, community development, food security, energy conservation, youth education, women’s livelihood initiatives and teenage girls' literacy

Wharton Entrepreneurship works collaboratively the Wharton Program for Social Impact (WPSI) to support student entrepreneurs interested in social impact activities.   Examples include:

  • Wharton Entrepreneurship and WPSI co-sponsor social entrepreneurs through Wharton Entrepreneurship's “Entrepreneur in Residence” Program.  Students from across campus  interested in social impact are encouraged to sign up for one-on-one 30-minute mentoring session with social entrepreneurs.
  • The Wharton Small Business Development Center provides experiential educational learning for Wharton MBA and undergraduate students who consult with a wide range of businesses from across the Greater Philadelphia region that include high-impact/ high-growth and established small businesses, as well as individual local entrepreneurs who are just getting started.