Adding the Entrepreneurship Calendar

To add our calendar to your Gmail account

  1. Open your Google calendar
  2. Under Other calendars on the left hand side choose the dropdown arrow
  3. Select “Add by URL
  4. Enter the URL:
  5. Click the Add Calendar button
  6. A loading message should appear over your profile picture in the top right of the page. It should only take 1-5 minutes for your calendar to update.

To add our calendar to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and sign in.
  2. Open your Calendar
  3. Right click on My Calendars or Other Calendars
  4. Click on Add Calendar > From Internet
  5. Enter the URL
  6. Click Yes to subscribe to updates.
  7. You can change the name of the calendar by right clicking on the calendar and choosing Properties and entering a name in the first text field in the General tab.