Avantika Agrawal
Engineering ’11 / Wharton Undergrad ’11

Avantika Agrawal ENG’11/W’11 is a data analyst at Google. She previously worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company and as a program manager at Microsoft.

Many corporations cultivate entrepreneurial-minded professionals to become actively engaged in creating new business opportunities within the firm, often called “corporate venturing.” Knowledge of the start-up experience combined with coursework in venture capital will provide a solid background for students interested in this career path.

MGMT 230 Entrepreneurship (1.0 cu)

In this course you are asked to stop just receiving ideas, facts, concepts, and techniques, and start generating ideas, identifying problems, analyzing and evaluating alternatives, and formulating workable action plans—in other words, putting textbook knowledge into practice. Taught by Assistant Professor of Management, Tyler Wry who researches the impact of value systems in entrepreneurial environments.

MGMT 251 Consulting to Growth Companies (1.0 cu)

Develop your consulting skills and entrepreneurial expertise by working as a consultant to a thriving entrepreneurial venture in the Philadelphia area. Taught by Lecturer Eric Siegel, who has consulted to companies since 1980.

MGMT 265 Culture and Institutions of the Tech Sector: Bridging Research and Practice

Academics, students and practitioners alike are fascinated by the culture of the tech sector—its people, practices, and organization. In this course, you will begin to understand the managerial, organizational, and regional institutions that characterize the tech sector as well as forge connections with the Wharton West Coast alumni base. Taught by Lori Rosenkopf, the Vice Dean and Director of the Wharton Undergraduate Division, whose research focuses on technological communities and social networks across high-tech industries.

OIDD 314 Enabling Technologies

This course is about understanding emerging technology enablers, with a goal of stimulating thinking on new applications for commerce. There is no prerequisite, and no technical background is assumed. Taught by Kartik Hosanagar, Professor of Internet Commerce, serial entrepreneur, and academic director of the Wharton VIP program. Kartik has also been recognized as one of the world’s top 40 business professors under 40.

“Wharton’s curriculum is very flexible in that it gives you the chance to find as much alignment as possible between your classes and your startup.”

– Betty Hsu WG’14,
  Founder of ProfessorWord


“Wharton gave me the opportunity to think creatively and to take two years of my life to explore what entrepreneurship means concretely, not just a theoretical idea of it, but what it really means to start a business and struggle with the day to day issues as well as the larger strategy issues.”
– Frank Brodie M’14/WG’14,
  Co-founder of Maculens and PhaseOptics