Private Equity & Venture Capital

Alex Mittal
Engineering ’07 / Wharton Undergrad ’07

Alex Mittal ENG’07/W’07 is co-founder and CEO of FundersClub. Prior to that, Alex was the founding CEO of Innova Dynamics. Alex has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in Tech, in BusinessWeek as one of America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs, and in Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40.

To make wise investments in private equity, students need to develop a solid understanding of how to assess a new business idea, recognize and analyze a sound business plan, and understand funding requirements and legal issues.

MGMT 264 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management (1.0 cu)

This course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of a typical high-growth startup, addressed from both the entrepreneur’s perspective and the investor’s perspective. Taught by Lecturer Henry Han, an accomplished researcher of intrapreneurship in China.

REAL 396 Real Estate Entrepreneurship (0.5cu)

What makes an entrepreneur successful in the real estate industry? This course exposes students to this question in the context of real estate opportunities past and present: equity investments, debt investments and real estate operating companies. Taught by Michelle Felman, a lecturer in the Real Estate Department.

FNCE 251 Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions (1.0 cu)

The course goes through the entire process of buyouts and acquisitions: from finding, evaluating, and analyzing opportunities; to structuring deals (and how deal structure affects both value creation and value division); to adding value after transaction completion; to realizing the ultimate objective (such as enhanced market position or a profitable exit). Taught by Visiting Professor Bilge Yilmaz, in the Finance Department.

FNCE 250 Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation (1.0 cu)

Venture Capital professionals need to know how to raise capital and structure their funds, as well as how to select, fund, and exit high-growth privately-held companies. This course addresses all of these subjects. Taught by Assistant Professor of Finance Luke Taylor.

“Wharton’s curriculum is very flexible in that it gives you the chance to find as much alignment as possible between your classes and your startup.”

– Betty Hsu WG’14,
  Founder of ProfessorWord


“Wharton gave me the opportunity to think creatively and to take two years of my life to explore what entrepreneurship means concretely, not just a theoretical idea of it, but what it really means to start a business and struggle with the day to day issues as well as the larger strategy issues.”
– Frank Brodie M’14/WG’14,
  Co-founder of Maculens and PhaseOptics