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Advans Health - Antonio Munoz WG'17
An insurance web platform to help students purchase best and most affordable health insurance with a more educated decision
Baby Bay Box - Anna Dailey C'19
Baby Bay Box is a subscription service that circulates lightly-used baby clothing between families.
Barn Owl LLC - Josh Phifer WG'17
Remote monitoring solutions for ranchers and farmers.
brEDcrumb - Scott Elfenbein WG'17
Find your path to college // Share your path to college.
CitySense Technologies : Mitchel Gainer WG'18 & Marc Giesener WG'18
We build the analytical tools necessary ‚Äčto reduce waste and improve efficiency.
Date my Closet - Siddharth Shah WG'17 & Sakhi Gandhi WG'17
Date My Closet is a peer-to-peer high-end Indian apparel rental platform
E-Health Now - Kelly Xu WG'17 and Vinayak Kumar C'13, G'13, M'18, WG'18
E-Health Now connects Chinese cancer patients with high-quality U.S. oncologists through remote joint consultation and medical tourism service at an affordable price through an efficient digital platform.
Eager Academy - Chris Hanson C'17 and Shreshta Balachandar C'17
Eager Academy is a revolutionary education software geared to K-12 students that seeks to change the education space by incentivizing student performance.
Festiv - Maxillia Arias WG'18
A hassle-free way to find and book venues
Fitalyst - Jonathan Muruako C'17
Fitalyst promotes healthy habits by focusing on social accountability structures together with incentives to reinforce positive health motivators.
Geneoscopy : Andrew Barnell WG'17
Geneoscopy is developing a screening methodology to noninvasively diagnose colorectal cancer using biomarkers in stool samples.
GiftX - Zane Stiles ENG'18 W'18 and Raj Atluri ENG'18 W'18
Imagine having the gift card you want... At GiftX, it's easy. Simply exchange unwanted gift cards for the card you want quickly and at the best value.
GivTake - Erica Polle C'17
GivTake is an online marketplace for college students to buy and sell anything and everything, from textbooks and dorm supplies to tickets and electronics.
Group K Diagnostics - Brianna Wronko ENG'17
At Group K, we strive to revolutionize healthcare through innovative point of care (POC) diagnostics. Our main product is the MultiDiagnostic, a multi-test modular POC diagnostic, that can be used with minimal to no training in any setting.
Harper Wilde - Jenna Kerner WG'17 and Jane Fisher WG'17
Fairly priced everyday bras without the hassle
IYALI - Tomide Awe WG'17
Iyali is an innovative handbags brand which offers African-designed products with proceeds going towards solving the problem of poverty through education of women in developing countries.
JuntoSalimos - Miguel Gonzalez WG'17
JuntoSalimos is the first service that helps founders overcome their challenges by connecting them with the best experts worldwide.
LocalStove - Steven Finn WG'16, Gregory Dubin WG'16, Henriques Setton WG'16
LocalStove connects great home cooks with hungry eaters.
Love, Sylvie - Ricard Vila WG'17
Offers online smart female consumers high-quality fragrance at unparalleled price and convenience.
NeuroFlow - Christopher Molaro WG'17 and Adam Pardes GR'19
Changing the way we see brain health.
revoLOOtion- Nidhi Shah WG'17
revoLOOtion aims to end open defecation in India through waterless toilets..
Slice Capital - Rohan Shah W'19
An iOS and web equity crowdfunding platform democratizing the funding space.
SolutionLoft - William Fry W'17 and Jacob Wallenberg W'16
The printing press of software development - allowing code to be re-used.
Source Networks Inc. : Dillon Chen W'18 & Drew Stone ENG'18
Source Networks is a platform for crowdsourced wifi. Any individual or business can buy or sell wifi from their phone, laptop or existing wifi router. All of the payments are processed on the blockchain.
Spark - Julien Lepleux C'18,W'18 & Claire Kowalewski LPS'17
Spark helps you meet friends effortlessly
StudentsCare - Erica Sokol SPP'16
StudentsCare matches college students one-on-one with children with cancer to provide support during long hospital stays.
Twine Labs - Joseph Quan WG'17 and Nikhil Srivastava WG'17
We create meaningful workplace relationships - driving employee productivity, innovation, engagement, and retention.
Watotolly - Divinity Matovu WG'17
Watotolly (the Airbnb of babysitting) offers busy parents the ability to connect and exchange babysitting services within trusted networks.
Woveon - Adam Rawot ENG'17
The next generation of customer interaction
XEED - Sade Oba ENG'16/GEN'16 and Alfredo Muniz EE'16/ENG'16/GEN'16
Wearables for Parkinson's