2017 Semifinalists

Come to the Startup Showcase on April 28, 2017 to watch the eight finalists–selected at 1 pm that day–compete for cash and prizes to launch their startups!

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Team Leader: Wei-Yin Ko, GEN’18
Team Members: George Bumgardner and Ben Rhodes

AgGrow seeks to become the premier marketplace for structured data in agriculture by providing free yield estimation through technology already used by farmers.

Learn more about AgGrow

Amsterdam Fluidics

Team Leader: Niyathi Chakrapani, C’19
Team Members: Anirudh Kaushik, GEN’17 and Juhanna Robberts, ENG’15,GEN’17

Amsterdam Fluidics encapsulates cancer drugs so they only target cancer cells—not healthy ones.

Learn more about Amsterdam Fluidics

Barn Owl

Barn Owl 300x200

Team Leader: Josh Phifer, WG’17
Team Members: Vince Kuchar, WG’17 and Nichin Sreekantaswamy, GEE’17

Barn Owl offers IoT & analytics for better monitoring & management of water resources.

Learn more about Barn Owl


Team Leader: Aman Sehgal, GEN’17
Team Member: Laura Colagrande, GAR’18

Blaise. Intuitive, ergonomic, next generation medical infusion system. A converged platform and delivery module to deliver and monitor intravenous delivery of fluids.

Learn more about Blaise


BreachRx Team 1500 x 1000

Team Leader: Alonzo Ellis, WG’17
Team Members: Andy Lunsford, WG’17 and James Green, WG’17

BreachRx is an incident response software platform that allows enterprises to respond to cyber incidents efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Learn more about BreachRx


CitySense team pics 1300 x 866

Team Leader: Mitch Gainer, WG’18
Team Members: Marc Giesener, WG’18 and Christophe Williams, WG’18

Water utilities lose $14 billion every year from leaks, faulty meters, and water theft. CitySense provides analytics services to identify and capture this lost revenue.

Learn more about CitySense


Coursanalytics collage 2000

Team Leader: Ilya Breyman, GED’17
Team Members: Alex Dolinskiy, Vasily Shmelev, Kostas Kolomeetz, and Valeria Zimina

Coursalytics is a marketplace for executive education, which helps corporations and individuals to discover, compare, and book open enrollment courses and faculty on a single website more efficiently and with no extra cost.

Learn more about Coursalytics


FounderNest - Miguel Gonzalez

Team Leader: Miguel Gonzalez, G’17/WG’17
Team Members: Felix Gonzalez, Javier Garcia, and Manuel Botija

FounderNest is an online matchmaking platform that helps founders overcome their challenges. First, by helping them identify their most pressing needs. And second, by connecting them with the right experts in a timely manner.

Learn more about FounderNest


Gradient photo

Team Leader: Daniel David, GED’17

We match our grading specialists with time-strapped teachers to provide their students with prompt, formative feedback; by shrinking the pile of papers, Gradient eases the overwhelming workload and grants K-12 instructors more time to improve learning outcomes for their classes.

Learn more about Gradient

Group K Diagnostics

GroupK team photo

Team Leader: Brianna Wronko, ENG’17

Team Members: Ghassan Kara, WG’18, Amelia Keaton, GR’17, Eric Tepper, C’17, GEN’18, and Dayita Sharma, ENG’20

Group K Diagnostics strives to revolutionize healthcare through innovative point of care (POC) diagnostics. Our MultiDiagnostic device will enable vital healthcare in low resource settings and developing countries, while decreasing cost and wait-time of current diagnostics in developed countries.

Learn more about Group K Diagnostics

Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde team photo

Team Leader: Jenna Kerner, WG’17
Team Member: Jane Fisher, WG’17

Harper Wilde champions the modern definition of sexy: witty, confident, ambitious. We are revolutionizing the bra shopping experience to one that enables her busy life, rather than one that obstructs it.

Learn more about Harper Wilde


HopJob - Team Pic

Team Leader: Vaibhav Khamesra, WG’18
Team Members: Gabriel Cantu, WG’18 and Feym Fliegner, WG’18

HopJob is a service platform that matches untapped part-time labor supply with peak workforce demand in real-time. For employers, HopJob comes with an access to thousands of verified part-time worker profiles that match the skills and experience expectations and enables instant cost-effective fulfillment of short-term needs.

Learn more about HopJob


IYALI team photo

Team Leader: Olatomide (Tomide) Awe, WG’17
Team Members: Loujeine Boutar, W’19 and Sonali Dane, C’19

IYALI is a lifestyle brand that creates high-quality African-inspired handbags made by local artisans for individuals around the globe. A portion of our profits addresses the root of poverty in West Africa by supporting education of girls in the region.

Learn more about IYALI

Laguna Beach Textile Company

Laguna Beach - Danny Meurer

Team Leader: Danny Meurer, WG’17

Laguna Beach Textile Company: Outdoor textile brand bringing timeless, classic, California style to consumers at a reasonable price. Lean company that has sold 15,000 units over the past twelve months with only one employee and marketing spend of less than $2,000.

Learn more about Laguna Beach Textile Company


Team Leader: Connor Chong ENG’20, W’20
Team Members: Victor Chien ENG’20, W’20, Christopher Lin ENG’20, W’20, and Dan Truong, ENG’20

Mesh specializes in a custom internet-and-cellular-free communications network in the form of a smartphone app and hardware device in which users can both communicate with one another and access resources/avoid danger areas, all without the use of internet.


Neuroflow Team Picture - cropped

Team Leader: Chris Molaro, WG’17
Team Members: Adam Pardes, GR’19, Sam DeLuccia, GEN’17, Jenny Wang, GNu’17, Taylor Concannon, ENG’17, GEN’18, and Matt Roll

NeuroFlow is changing the way we see brain health. We developed a digital health solution that uses real-time biometric data to measure stress for optimal mental health and enhanced performance applications.

Learn more about Neuroflow


Orthly team photo

Team Leader: Daniel Hanover, ENG’19, W’19
Team Member: Patrick Lee

Orthly: We are a direct-to-consumer invisible aligner brand using technology to bring treatment to consumers at a fraction of the traditional costs.

Learn more about Orthly



Team Leader: Sarah Budhiman, WG’17
Team Member: Dylan Hooe, WG’17 and Don Wang, IPD’18

For the modern consumer who wants to cook more and experiment with new recipes, Pinch is a revolutionary in-store machine that lets you buy the exact amount of fresh and organic spices, herbs, and seasonings that you need for your next meal.

Learn more about Pinch

Polar News

PolarNews team

Team Leader: Davis Filippell, WG’18
Team Member: Amelia Bell, G’18, WG’18 and Matt Alexander, G’18, WG’18

PolarNews is a media platform for educated millennials to break their news bubble with digital feeds that pair two polarized views on one screen.

Learn more about PolarNews


Team Leader: Robert Dowling, EE’18, ENG’18, W’18
Team Member: Peter Wang Hjemdahl, W’18

rePurpose is a for-profit social enterprise that empowers marginalized trash pickers in urban slums by providing them the crucial processing equipment to kickstart mini-ventures, tripling their incomes and transforming them into micro-entrepreneurs and central players in the recycling supply chain.


RevoLootion team pic - Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge

Team Leader: Nidhi Shah, G’17, WG’17
Team Member: Swathi Sadagopan

RevoLOOtion provides rapid-drying, composting toilets to lower middle class urban families in high density informal settlements that currently rely on unhygienic and poorly lit shared latrines.

RevoLootion logo - Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge

Learn more about RevoLOOtion



Team Leader: Elizabeth Silvestro ENG’16, GEN’17
Team Members: Jonathan Sanchez ENG’16 and Eric Wahl ENG’16

REVOLV3D is the First Additive Lathe. It integrates the advantages of additive manufacture to the cylindrical motion of a Lathe reducing material waste, print times, and increases creative potential with the addition of an internal post-processing surface finishing methods unlike any other machine on the market. This allows for a whole new dimension to design and manufacturing. 

Learn more about REVOLV3D

Ride Health

Ride Health team pic - Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge

Team Leader: Sumun Khetpal, C’17, W’17
Team Members: Imran Cronk, C’16 and Vedant Thyagaraj, C’19, W’19

Ride Health aims to improve care for patients who face transportation barriers. In leveraging the application programming interfaces (APIs) of ride-sharing companies, our software enables providers to request rides for patients and bill these rides to payers.

Ride Health - Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup ChallengeLearn more about Ride Health


Right Air team pic

Team Leader: Thomas Uhler, C’19, W’19
Team Members: Jacob Brenner, Marek Swoboda, Perry Dubin, and Michal Swoboda

Severe COPD, popularly called emphysema, causes 2 million Americans to feel like they are suffocating every time they move around during the daily activities. RightAir creates a wearable device that relieves this terrible shortness of breath and allows COPD patients to engage in life again.

Learn more about RightAir

Slice Capital

Slice team photo

Team Leader: Rohan Shah, ENG’19

Team Members: Krish Dholakiya, Jeff Wang, C’17, Dan Stepanov, Christian Butts, W’18, Michael Raevsky, C’17, W’17, and Parker Odrich

Slice Capital is democratizing Venture Capital, by allowing everyday individuals to invest in pre-vetted startups at the tap of a button. They’re challenging the way that people think about equity crowdfunding, through their breakthrough low-minimum, mobile-first platform.

Learn more about Slice Capital


Splaced team pic

Team Leader: Emily Smith, WG’17

Team Members: Ruchi Banka, WG’17, Jake Kramer, WG’17, Dan Norelli, WG’17, Matt Panas, WG’17, Trang Pham, WG’18

Splaced is an innovative, online marketplace – the Airbnb of commercial space. We connect guests who need affordable, hourly, and on-demand spaces with hosting businesses who have unique but underutilized spaces.

Learn more about Splaced


Twine team pic cropped

Team Leader: Joseph Quan, WG’17

Team Member: Nikhil Srivastava, WG’17

Twine makes internal mobility seamless. Our algorithms recommend the best internal employees to fill open roles, helping companies boost retention and significantly reduce hiring costs by efficiently hiring from within.

Learn more about Twine


Visiplate team

Team Leader: Rui Jing Jiang, W’18
Team Members: Adarsh Battu, W’18 and Brandon Kao, ENG’18

VisiPlate is a nano-scale drainage implant to defend against blindness induced by open-angle glaucoma (OAG) by reducing intraocular pressure. It consists of a tube connected to a curved, ultrathin alumina nanoplate that is thinner, stronger, and more reliable than existing lines of defense.

Learn more about VisiPlate