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2018 Startup Challenge Finalists

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Competing Team: Rooshy Roy, WG’19
Justin Silver, WG’19

For women in the U.S. who want a better skincare routine, aavrani is a luxury skincare company inspired by India’s ancient beauty rituals.

Learn more about aavrani


Acention team

Competing Team: Colin Robinson, WG’18
Anvith Ekkati, GEN’18
Peter Zhu, WG’18

Acention is a free-to-play mobile gaming platform where users make money by beating other users in multiplayer games.

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Avisi Technologies

VisiPlate team

Competing Team: Rui Jing Jiang, W’18
Adarsh Battu, W’18
Brandon Kao, ENG’18

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world and leads to vision loss that cannot be cured or reversed. By 2020, glaucoma will affect 3.4 million people in the U.S. and 80 million people globally. In open-angle glaucoma patients, excess fluid builds up inside the eye, putting pressure on and permanently damaging the optic nerve — leading to blindness. VisiPlate is a nanoscale drainage implant operating in areas of the eye that competitors cannot enter due to their size. 10,000x thinner than competitors, VisiPlate mitigates risk of post-operative double vision, excessive scar tissue, patient discomfort, tissue erosion, and bleb failure. VisiPlate is a nanoscale defense against blindness from glaucoma.

Learn more about Avisi Technologies


Competing Team: Michal Benedykcinski, G’19, WG’19
HQ Han, WG’19
Timothy Clancy, ENG’18, GEN’18

Dexio leverages blockchain and 3D scanning technology to promote transparency and create new forms of financing in the diamond industry’s midstream.

Learn more about Dexio


Competing Team: Michael Wong, W’19
Dayo Adewole, ENG’15, GEN’15, GR’21
Matthew Hanna, ENG’18

InstaHub simplifies automation through smart “snap-on” solutions. We have developed a battery-powered device with occupancy sensing capabilities that attaches over existing toggle light switches for instant light automation.

Learn more about InstaHub

MD Ally

Competing Team: Shanel Fields, WG’19
Randy Findley

MD Ally is an emergency telehealth company that allows 911 dispatchers to enable instant access to an ER physician for non-emergency 911 callers. Our team of physicians effectively advises the patient on the most appropriate site of care via an instantaneous telemedicine visit; reducing overutilization of the ER and driving savings for patients, payers, and municipalities.

Learn more about MD Ally


Sanguis founders

Competing Team: Daniel Zhang, GR’23, M’23
Prateek Agarwal, M’20, WG’20
Divyansh Agarwal, GR’23, M’23

Sanguis is developing a cost-effective at-home blood cell counting device for patients to monitor their health during chemotherapy treatment.

Learn more about Sanguis

Strella Biotechnology

Competing Team: Katherine Sizov, C’19
Reginald Lamaute, C’20
Prima Pisuttisarun, GEN’18
Gauri Srivastava, GEN’19
Sanjula Weerawardhena, W’18

Strella Biotechnology is developing a biosensing platform that predicts fruit ripeness, thus reducing food spoilage and waste in the supply chain. Packers and distributors will be able monitor produce as it ripens in storage, and always locate the readiest produce for their customers.

Learn more about Strella Biotechnology

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