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2019 Startup Challenge Finalists

We’re proud to announce this year’s Finalists for the 2018-2019 Penn Wharton Startup Challenge. Teams consist of students from The Wharton School, The College of Arts and Sciences, The School of Engineering and Applied Science, The School of Social Policy and Practice, Penn Nursing, and Penn Law. The Startup Challenge and Showcase attracts the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds from across the Penn community as they compete for a chance to win $135,000 in cash and prizes.
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(*) Denotes 2019 Prize Winner


Up to 80% of women experience period pains. We believe 100% should not have to. For women whose lives are disrupted once a month by the volatility of their menstrual cycle, #PeriodPainFree offers a personalized solution, combining modern technology with over 2000 years of wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine to help all women feel #periodpainfree.

TEAM MEMBERS: Lulu Ge (WG’19), Nicole Glathe
ADDITIONAL LINKS: Website | Facebook | Instagram


aavrani is the Indian inspired skincare company that leverages the power of ancient self-care rituals, using ingredients such as turmeric that are clinically proven to improve the look and feel of skin. We are focused on encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty by delivering clean, non-toxic products.

TEAM MEMBERS: Rooshy Roychoudhury (WG’19); Justin Silver (WG’19); Nina Davuluri
ADDITIONAL LINKS: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Aerate is designing a membrane-dehumidifier evaporative-cooler air conditioner for the Indian Market. Aerate plans to capture this $20 billion market through superior technology designed for high humidity environments; Aerate’s air conditioner is up to 20x more efficient over the course of a year.

TEAM MEMBERS: Spencer Collins (ENG ’19, GEN ’19), Jake Fine (ENG ’19, GEN ’19), Ashwin Kishen (ENG ’19, W ’19, GEN ’20), Yann Pfitzer (ENG ’19, C ’19, GEN ’20), Connor Sendel (ENG ’19, W ’19), Sam Weintraub (ENG ’19, GEN ’20)
*Perlman Grand Prize Winner, Blank Award Winner, Gloeckner Undergraduate Award Winner, People’s Choice Award Winner


Clove creates stylish footwear for medical professionals that combine the best of current sneaker technology with the technical requirements of traditional nursing shoes.

TEAM MEMBERS: Joe Ammon (WG’19), Jordyn Amoroso (C’12), Paula Belatti


Halo is putting location-targeted ads on top of Uber/Lyft vehicles. We attach smart ad monitors on top of cars and display creative, captivating ads that change based on the location of the driver in order to more effectively target and engage consumers.

TEAM MEMBERS: Kenan Saleh (W’19); Faizan Bhatty (WG’20); Nabeel Farooqui (ENG’21); Ryanne Fadel (W’21)
ADDITIONAL LINKS: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn| Twitter
*Launch Award Winner


Minimize is a bracelet that can reduce hand tremors by up to 95% for Essential Tremor and Parkinsons Disease patients.

TEAM MEMBERS: Maanav Narula (W’18, ENG’19, GEN’19)
*Innovation Award Winner


Sigo is a tech-enabled auto insurance provider serving the non-standard, or high-risk, insurance market. The company aims to bring an antiquated, analog process online to reduce operating costs and remove predatory fees charged to these customers.

TEAM MEMBERS: Nestor Hugo Solari (G’19, WG’19); Julio Erdos (C’10, ENG’10, G’19, WG’19)
ADDITIONAL LINKS: Website | Facebook |Instagram LinkedIn | Twitter


Strella creates biosensing platforms that reduce fresh produce waste in the packing and distribution phase of the supply chain. We’ve developed an innovative way to measure ethylene gas in storage rooms in order to predict when fruits will be ripe in order to optimize the unpacking process.

TEAM MEMBERS: Katherine Sizov (C’19); Malika Shukurova (ENG’19); Reginald Lamaute (C’20); Zuyang Liu (GEE’19)
*Runner-Up Award Winner

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