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Penn Wharton Startup Challenge, Startup Showcase, or Startup Internship Award:

Jill Anick, Associate Director, 215-746-6460,

Venture Initiation Program or Summer Venture Award:

Valentina Goutorova, Senior Associate Director, 215-746-6453,

Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Advising:

Nellie Gaynor, Associate Director, 215-898-1901,

Wharton Innovation Fund or Entrepreneur and Experts in Residence:

Ann Miller, Associate Director, 215-573-0649, (Entrepreneur in Residence)

Entrepreneurship at Wharton San Francisco:

Irina Yuen, Director, Wharton San Francisco, 415-267-6330,

Wharton Small Business Development Center:

Celeste Corrado, Director, Wharton Small Business Development Center, 215-898-4861,

Applications & Admissions:

Media Inquiries:

Peter Winicov, Director, Communications, 215-746-6471,

Job or Internship Opportunity:

To post a job or internship opportunity for Penn/Wharton students or alums, contact Penn Career Services or MBA Career Management. Wharton Entrepreneurship does not post jobs or internship positions on behalf of employers or advise about recruiting.

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