The Entrepreneurship and Innovation classes at Wharton provide a cross-departmental set of skills, analytical tools, perspectives, and experiences to prepare students for careers as autonomous entrepreneurs, family-business entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs in corporate settings.
Whether a student wants to start a business while in school, join an emerging business, or set the groundwork to launch a new firm later in a career, the concentration prepares students for all of these exciting options by examining both entrepreneurial innovation and its surrounding ecosystem.

Our Entrepreneurship Faculty

How do you teach entrepreneurship and innovation? How do you turn a spark into a flame?

With faculty drawn from 10 departments, Wharton’s professors and lecturers generate the knowledge and innovations that transform global business practice.

Entrepreneurship Classes

Wharton’s entrepreneurship and innovation curriculum is one of the largest and most diverse academic programs, offering courses at every level. The program is distinguished by its ability to combine theory with practice, allowing students to gain access and insight from the entrepreneurial business community.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation is available as a major for MBAs and a concentration or specialization for undergraduates.