Entrepreneurship & Startups

Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship courses can provide the framework to quickly make sense of the rapidly changing competitive environment that startups face.

Interested in launching your own venture?

Edrizio De La Cruz is a successful entrepreneur now, but he started out as a student just like you. Fortunately, Wharton offers terrific classes that will give you the business skills to start and grow your own company.

These courses are a great place to start:

MGMT 801 Entrepreneurship

In this class, students explore the many dimensions of entrepreneurship, venture creation, and development. You will learn how to conceptualize, develop, and manage successful new ventures. This course will lay the foundation for advanced entrepreneurship electives.

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MGMT 806 Venture Implementation

The ultimate goal of this course is the development of an actionable business plan which you will pitch to your classmates and ultimately to a panel of investors.

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LGST 813 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

This practical and intensive course examines the critical legal and transactional issues confronting startup and emerging growth companies.

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MKTG 727 Marketing & Electronic Commerce

MKTG 227 provides a research-based and framework-driven approach to succeeding in today’s complex environment, through a rigorous approach to understanding digital marketing and electronic commerce.

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OIDD 515 Product Design

The course, cross-listed with the Engineering School, follows an overall product design methodology, including the identification of customer needs, generation of product concepts, prototyping, and design-for-manufacturing. Taught by Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and CIBC Endowed Professor Karl Ulrich, an academic innovator.

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OIDD 636 Scaling Operations

This course helps students learn to make strategic scaling decisions that are grounded in operational reality. Students will study how to build and evaluate the “operation systems” of the firm to maximize value with the focus on scaling the firm’s operations.

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Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

Edrizio De La Cruz, WG’11

Edrizio De La Cruz, WG’11 has gone from community college student to mechanic to J.P. Morgan investment banker to starting his own company. Regalii, which Edrizio founded as a student in the Wharton MBA program, uses text messages to send credits usable at local retailers in Latin America.