Innovative corporations cultivate entrepreneurial-minded professionals to become actively engaged in creating new business opportunities within the firm, often called corporate venturing–or intrapreneurship.

Want to innovate within a large corporation?

Knowledge of the startup experience, combined with coursework in venture capital, provides a solid background for students interested in intrapreneurship. Lisa Lovallo, WG’13, G’13 is using the knowledge she gained as a founder to innovate at Google. Do you want to help corporations meet the needs of today’s global economy?

These courses are a great place to start:

MGMT 712 Managing Strategic Partnerships

This course explores the management of strategic partnerships between firms, which have surged in recent years in response to globalization, technological evolution, deregulation, shortened product life cycles, and intensified competition.

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MGMT 721 Corporate Development: Mergers and Acquisitions

This course explores the role of mergers and acquisitions and alternative methods of corporate development in advancing the strategies of operating business. Emphasis is on the way companies use acquisitions to alter business mixes; seize opportunities in new products, technologies and markets; enhance competitive positioning; adjust to changing economics, and promote value-creating growth.

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MKTG 734 Creativity

The ability to solve problems creatively and generate change is a recognized standard of success and plays an important role in gaining a competitive advantage in many areas of business management. This course is designed to teach students several creative problem solving methodologies that complement other managerial tools acquired in undergraduate and graduate studies.

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MGMT 802 Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship

The goal of this course is to constantly challenge you to deal with entrepreneurial or innovative experiences, as you learn to navigate complex and changing environments on the fly, applying what you learned to a variety of scenarios.

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MGMT 804 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

This course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of a typical high-growth start-up, addressed from both the entrepreneur’s perspective and the investor’s perspective.

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OIDD 614 Innovation

The course is first and foremost an intensive, integrative, project course in which student teams create one or more real businesses.

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Lisa Lovallo

Lisa Lovallo, WG’13, G’13 majored in Entrepreneurial Management and founded, an international recruiting service that connects young professionals in the US with jobs in Brazil. Currently, she is an global marketing at Google.