Social Entrepreneurship

Want to change the world? Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship courses can give you the framework and skills start and grow an company with far-reaching social impact.

Want your startup to change lives?

Social entrepreneurship is a powerful tool in solving problems around the world. Entrepreneurs like Davis Smith, WG’11, G’11 build businesses that simultaneously earn income and tackle social problems in novel and effective ways. Your startup can, too.

These courses are a great place to start:

MGMT 802 Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship

Designed for students with a serious interest in entrepreneurship, this course will provide you with an advanced theoretical foundation and a set of practical tools for the management of startups and entrepreneurial teams in fast-changing and innovative environments.

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MGMT 804 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

This elective half-semester course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of the typical high-growth potential early stage start-up company.

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MGMT 806 Venture Implementation

This advanced course on entrepreneurship focuses on developing a validated opportunity or concept into a venture that is ready for seed financing and/or launching the product or service.

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MGMT 810 Social Entrepreneurship

Societal problems, if attacked entrepreneurially, create opportunities for launching businesses that simultaneously generate profits and alleviate societal problems. Student teams will each develop a plan to launch a societal wealth generating business. Taught by Ian MacMillan, Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and co-author of The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook.

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LGST 813 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

This practical and intensive course examines the critical legal and transactional issues confronting startup and emerging growth companies.

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Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

Davis Smith, WG’11, G’11

Davis Smith’s inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur was always to have a positive impact on the less fortunate. He founded, Brazil’s leading baby care e-commerce site, while still a Wharton student. He then founded founded Cotopaxi, an “outdoor gear brand with a social mission.”