Product Management

Avantika Agrawal
Engineering ’11 / Wharton Undergrad ’11

Avantika Agrawal ENG’11/W’11 is a product manager at Birchbox. She previously worked as a data analyst at Google, a business analyst at McKinsey & Company, and as a program manager at Microsoft.

Product managers drive the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. Coursework in entrepreneurship and innovation teaches the skills necessary to succeed in this exciting field.

MGMT 230 Entrepreneurship

In this course you are asked to stop just receiving ideas, facts, concepts, and techniques, and start generating ideas, identifying problems, analyzing and evaluating alternatives, and formulating workable action plans—in other words, putting textbook knowledge into practice.

MKTG 234 Creativity

The ability to solve problems creatively and generate change is a recognized standard of success and plays an important role in gaining a competitive advantage in many areas of business management. This course is designed to teach students several creative problem solving methodologies that complement other managerial tools acquired in undergraduate and graduate studies.

MKTG 262 New Product Development

In this hands-on experiential course, students will partner with a local start-up to apply design thinking steps taught throughout the course. Students will learn how to uncover deep consumer needs, effectively ideate, and create rapid prototypes to test their ideas with real customers.

OIDD 314 Enabling Technologies

This course is about understanding emerging technology enablers, with a goal of stimulating thinking on new applications for commerce. There is no prerequisite, and no technical background is assumed.

OIDD 415 Product Design

The course, cross-listed with the Engineering School, follows an overall product design methodology, including the identification of customer needs, generation of product concepts, prototyping, and design-for-manufacturing. Taught by Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and CIBC Endowed Professor Karl Ulrich, an academic innovator.