Private Equity & Venture Capital

Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship courses can provide the skills you need to succeed in the fast-moving fields of private equity and venture capital.

Want to learn how to spot a great investment?

To make wise investments in private equity, Alex Mittal, ENG’17, W’07 needed to develop a solid understanding of how to assess a new business idea, recognize and analyze a sound business plan, and understand funding requirements and legal issues. Want to learn these, too? Wharton courses cover them all.

These courses are a great place to start:

MGMT 214 Tech and Innovation Strategy

The course is designed to meet the needs of future managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and investors who must analyze and develop business strategies in technology-based industries. The emphasis is on learning conceptual models and frameworks to help navigate the complexity and dynamism in such industries.

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MGMT 264 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

This course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of a typical high-growth startup, addressed from both the entrepreneur’s perspective and the investor’s perspective.

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MGMT 291 Negotiations

This course includes not only conflict resolution but techniques which help manage and even encourage the valuable aspects of conflict. The central issues of this course deal with understanding the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations in conflict management situations.

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FNCE 250 Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation

Venture Capital professionals need to know how to raise capital and structure their funds, as well as how to select, fund, and exit high-growth privately-held companies. This course addresses all of these subjects.

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FNCE 251 Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions

The course goes through the entire process of buyouts and acquisitions: from finding, evaluating, and analyzing opportunities; to structuring deals (and how deal structure affects both value creation and value division); to adding value after transaction completion; to realizing the ultimate objective (such as enhanced market position or a profitable exit).

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Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

Alex Mittal, ENG’07, W’07

Alex Mittal, ENG’07, W’07 is co-founder and CEO of FundersClub. Prior to that, Alex was the founding CEO of Innova Dynamics. Alex has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in Tech, in BusinessWeek as one of America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs, and in Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40.