Andrew Baltrus C’19 interned at Sidecar in Philadelphia, PA

2016-2017 Startup Internship Award winner supported by the Jeff Sutton W’81 Entrepreneurship Internship Fund

This summer I had the pleasure of working as a Sales Development Intern at Sidecar in Philadelphia. Sidecar, if you don’t know works with machine learning.  Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. At Sidecar they use data on internet or e-commerce shopping trends to predict and bid on advertising positions within Google Shopping and Facebook.  Simply put, Sidecar is a machine learning digital marketing company (I know, cool right?).

So now that you know about Sidecar, I can explain a little bit about what I did this summer! I was an Intern within the Sales Operations department which meant that we oversaw all the sales done by Sidecar’s sales team.  I got to learn some really cool skills including data analysis and Salesforce management.  My favorite part though was seeing the impact that my work had on the company at large. I created some operational processes that are being used now to help make the company more efficient.

One of the great parts about working at a Startup is that you get to actually see the work that you do make an impact. My day-to-day work included researching and prospecting companies for our Sales execs to pitch to.  I actually over the course of the summer got to watch many of the companies that I sourced sign deals with Sidecar, and throughout the whole process, I was able to see and be involved in any way I wanted.  I think this really speaks to the openness of a startup and why I believe that everyone should think about working at one.

Startups are flat organizations where anyone regardless of prior experience can have an impact. This allows you to not just learn some skills you can put on your resume but, also learn applicable skills that allow you to make an impact in any organization you are involved in. Also, because of their small stature the culture at most startups is amazing.  Sidecar was no exception, my favorite non-work memory of the summer was getting to play soccer with the official Sidecar soccer team; Sidecar FC.  This was a great experience that allowed me to not just become closer to my co-workers but make good friends that will last even after I leave Sidecar! Overall, Sidecar was a great experience that allowed me to learn so much and make great friends along the way!