Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Alumni Zach Simkin & Annie Wang, founders of Senvol

Annie Wang C’05/WG’13 and Zach Simkin C’06/WG’14


Annie and Zach met in a Wharton MBA innovations class.

They collaborated on an assignment involving business ideas for the 3D printing industry, and their company, Senvol, grew out of their brainstorming sessions. At first, Senvol was going to disrupt the distribution and supply of industrial parts by 3D printing them as needed.

The Venture Initiation Program helped them refine their idea.

Annie and Zach were accepted into VIP shortly after founding Senvol, and with the support from that community and advice from the advisors, they realized that what additive manufacturing (the B2B term for 3D printing) actually needed was data. They pivoted from a manufacturing company to a data company.

Awards gave Zach and Annie both validation for their idea and funding to pursue it.

A $10,000 Summer Venture Award let them spend the summer of 2013 working full time on Senvol, and as Zach explains, “At the very beginning, when we were doing a lot of exploration and research, the initial funds we received from the Wharton Venture Award helped us travel to conferences, meet different people in the industry, and it all sort of spiraled from there. Without that money, I’m not sure we’d be where we are today.”

Senvol also won the 2014 Wharton Business Plan Competition (now Startup Challenge) Committee Award for the most disruptive startup.

In 2014, Senvol won the “NYC Next Idea” global new venture competition. They received $35,000, office space at the Columbia Startup Lab, and business services to assist them in launching their venture in New York.

The Senvol Database is moving the additive manufacturing industry forward.

The Senvol database launched in January 2015, creating the first and only searchable 3D printing database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials.

“Whether you’re new to additive manufacturing looking to understand the landscape, or a design engineer searching for a machine and material to meet a specific application, the Senvol Database provides the information that you need, all at your fingertips,” explained Annie.

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