Benefits for alumni and other entrepreneurs


Wharton welcomes into the Entrepreneur in Residence Program successful entrepreneurs who enjoy working with students aspiring to follow in their footsteps. The program complements students’ academic classroom learning experience at the University of Pennsylvania by providing advice and counsel from an accomplished entrepreneur who has survived the difficult process of launching a business.

During one-on-one meetings with the EIR, students who want to start their own businesses profit immensely from the wisdom and real-world perspective offered by the founder of a thriving business.

The benefits for participating EIRs include:

  • Interaction with Wharton and Penn student entrepreneurs while sharing lessons learned in the trenches
  • The opportunity to help shape a student’s future
  • The potential for a relationship to grow out of a student meeting if it is mutually beneficial
  • The opportunity to meet with faculty at Wharton or Penn as desired
  • Potential speaking engagement with a student club such as the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club

In order to for this program to succeed, an Entrepreneur in Residence is expected to:

  • Provide an up-to-date biography, a photograph and a description of three areas of expertise offered
  • Be in residence at Wharton for one day (9am to 5pm).
  • Meet with students in 30-minute intervals that day

An entrepreneur who is interested in participating in the Wharton Entrepreneur in Residence Program is invited to contact the EIR program by email at (please send a bio, link to LinkedIn profile and/or resume).