$40K for Wharton Entrepreneurs: Wharton Venture Award Winners

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

Every year Wharton Entrepreneurship gets to give a few students an amazing gift: the gift of time to work on their ventures. 

We do this through the Wharton Venture Award (WVA). Serious entrepreneurial students from any school at Penn can apply for their final summer before graduation, and the winners receive $10,000 each to assist them financially over the summer in lieu of a full-time internship. Instead, they work on their ventures.

Earlier this year, we went to previous WVA winners to ask them what the award had meant to them.  You can read their answers here, but to summarize, I’ll quote from Vikram Joshi WG’08, founder of Red Ladder Media and Proxim Diagnostics, 2008 WVA winner: “The WVA was instrumental in nurturing my entrepreneurial ambitions.  It allowed me the freedom and resources to try things and fail…. The WVA experience gave me the confidence and validation to know that I could thrive in this kind of life”

This is what we hope to give to WVA winners every summer. For the summer of 2014, Wharton Entrepreneurship is delighted to award $10,000 each to four students. This year, for the first time, two of the four awardees are undergraduates.

2014 Wharton Venture Award Winners:

Abaris logo

Matthew Carey C’07,WG’15 & Adam Colombo W’14, Eng’14

Abaris Abaris is the Orbitz for annuities.

Glass-U logo

Daniel Fine W’15

Glass-U Fully folding sunglass company that makes custom and licensed sunglasses for 185 universities, nearly every Greek organization in the US, and FIFA.

GenHERation logo

Katlyn Grasso W’15

GenHERation GenHERation is a female empowerment network for high school girls that inspires them to become catalysts of social change.

Fitly logo

Ford Kerr WG’15

Fitly Fitly is a mobile web app that combines healthy meal planning, online grocery ordering and delivery into one easy-to-use platform.

Funding for the Wharton Venture Award is provided in part by the generosity of William F. Holekamp WG’72, The Kopelman Foundation and The Heller Family Foundation.