A Startup for Startups (and more)

By Ted Moskalenko

Early this year (January 2nd, to be exact), I participated in Professor Karl Ulrich’s course, Product Design and Development, at Wharton San Francisco. The goal of the course was to create a realistic prototype for a new web-based product or service by Thursday morning (January 5th). That’s right – think of a product and deploy a website in 4 days! It was an intense course, to say the least, but completely reflected the entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm of bootstrapping an idea.

Professor Karl Ulrich
Karl Ulrich, CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and eCommerce & Vice Dean of Innovation, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (Photo Credit: Wharton Magazine)

During class, we discussed a handful of resources that we could use to make the rapid development easier. We went over a range of topics, such as design, domain names, web site coding, and hosting. One of the many tools that really stood out for me was Weebly.com, a website designed to easily create and publish personal and business websites. The all-in-one approach handles domain name registration and web hosting, and gives the user the power to drag and drop modules and select pre-designed themes. Anything that you have trouble with can be addressed at the Weebly support center.

It’s nice to have a tool that doesn’t require you to master all the w3schools.com languages. The best part? It’s free! Weebly.com lets you create up to 2 sites for free, hosting and all. There are no forced advertisements, just a message at the bottom of the page that your website is hosted at Weebly. You even have the opportunity to add your own Google Adsense account.

With all of this power at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to have a website.