Announcing the 2016 #WhartonBPC Semifinalists!

By Marissa Carberry WG’17, Marketing Director for the 2016 Business Plan Competition

On Monday, February 8, the Wharton Business Plan Competition announced this year’s twenty-five semifinalist teams. Nearly 300 judges reviewed and provided feedback on 148 business plans submitted by students from six different Penn schools. The twenty-five semifinalist teams offer a diverse range of solutions including a medical device for safer cesarean section deliveries, drone hardware and software for livestock ranchers, and the “Uber of personal training.” Check out the Semifinalists’ elevator pitches below to see the cool and innovative companies that could be coming out of UPenn soon!

BPC 13 x 10

Team Leader: Stephen Snyder G’17/WG’17
Team Member: Rahul Malik WG’17
Barbershops in airports. Aircuts provides a convenient, high-end experience to busy and deep-pocketed male business travelers who need to look good wherever they go but are always too pressed for time to take care of themselves. Aircuts helps these travelers make the most of their downtime when stuck in airports.

Animotion LLC
Team Leader: Peter Gebhard GEN’16
Team Members: Feini Qu GR’16; Laura Taddie
Animotion designs wearable devices that enable patients to track recovery from musculoskeletal injuries. This data can be used by physicians to remotely evaluate a patient’s treatment, assess the effectiveness of a rehabilitation program, and suggest changes to expedite recovery. Compared to existing solutions, our device is small, portable, and inexpensive.

Barn Owl Systems
Team Leader: Josh Phifer WG’17
Team Member: Will Peters WG’17
For livestock ranchers who spend significant time and money monitoring resources over large areas, Barn Owl provides drone hardware and software for autonomous data gathering. Unlike existing drone systems, we provide long-range, autonomous platforms with imagery analysis tailored to ranchers needs.

Team Leader: Ben Hsu ENG’17/W’17
Team Members: Gagan Gupta ENG’17/W’17; Alexander Sands ENG’17/W’17; Ajay Patel ENG’17/W’17
Basket sells an all-in-one self-checkout solution that features a mobile application that allows shoppers to scan barcodes and check out from their smartphone. Consumers save time and have a more modern shopping experience. Stores benefit from increased sales through advanced product analytics, reduced labor costs, and direct communication with shoppers.

BioCellection Inc.
Team Leader: Miranda Wang C’16
Team Members: Alexander Simafranca C’18; Eric Friedman C’16; Daniel Chapman; Jeanny Yao
BioCellection uses cutting edge techniques in biology to synthesize single cell protein and high value products for aquaculture while utilizing a platform technology that enables high efficiency microbial culturing on plastic waste carbon sources. We are producing economic, sustainable, and consistent fish aquafeed components to ensure fish health.

Team Leader: Scott Elfenbein WG’17
Team Members: Michelle Xie WG’17; Sam DeLuccia GEN’17
brEDcrumb is the only college admission consulting platform that provides free, one-on-one, college mentoring online. We connect underserved high schoolers with undergraduates or recent graduates who have shared backgrounds. These “Role Models” knew how to get to college from a similar starting point and can now help their community even when they can’t be in their community.

Chestnut Loans
Team Leader: Naga Tan G’17/WG’17
Team Members: Samantha Cheok; De Wei Koh
Chestnut is a network-driven lending platform for small businesses. We simplify the process of formalizing loans with friends and family, helping small business owners avoid awkward conversations and protect their most valuable relationships.

Crescent Bites
Team Leader: Emily Tung G’17/WG’17
Team Member: Yue Li G’17/WG’17
Crescent Bites offers a line of all-natural ready-to-eat toddler foods that combine the convenience of Lunchables with the nutrition of homemade meals. With recipes crafted by nutritionists and through cold-pressed technology, these foods keep for weeks chilled and are the ideal out-of-the-house meal to provide toddlers the nutrition they need.

Daylight OB, LLC
Team Leader: Neil Bansal WG’16
Team Members: Aaron Fisher WG’16; Eric Tepper C’17; Christina Wray
Daylight OB, LLC is a medical device company developing technologies to improve health and safety in labor & delivery units. Our first device currently in development is a disposable obstetrics device, called Daylight, used to elevate a baby’s head to enable a safer, faster, and easier urgent cesarean section delivery.

dlux, LLC
Team Leader: Michael Friedman WG’16
Team Members: Greg Yeutter; John Whitman
We create lighting control systems that bring the characteristics of natural lighting indoors to promote health, wellness, and productivity. Our systems are designed to help residents fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up in a measurably better mood – all using light.

Team Leader: Aditya Sharma WG’17 (WEMBA PHL)
Team Member: Bicheng Chen WG’17 (WEMBA PHL)
To assist clients re-imagine their business in the digital era, better understanding drivers, opportunities and create a robust road-map for a highly integrated digital operation network. Assist Clients have better Physical/Interface with Proprietary Solutions. Provide strategic and execution capabilities to deliver incremental value across the digital operation network.

Team Leader: Siddharth Shah WG’17
Team Members: Aditya Sharma; Gautam Udani
Frapee is a first of its kind mobile gaming aggregator in the Indian market that enables users to earn discounts/cashbacks while playing games. We are creating a shared ecosystem to help game developers, brands and users to mutually benefit from a pooled system.

Team Leader: Will Habos WG’16
Team Members: Andy Schneider GEN’16; Ryan Smith GEN’16
Hōmfield is an internet-based service that aims to vertically connect the event planning industry, and streamline the event planning process.

Insite Africa
Team Leader: Lauren McHugh WG’17
Team Member: Crystal Nwokorie WG’16
Allowing companies to conduct mobile market research in Africa at the click of a button.

Team Leader: Miguel Gonzalez G’17/WG’17
Team Members: Javier Garcia; Manuel Ruiz; Manuel Botija; Guzman Gonzalez-Torres; Feliz Gonzalez Gonzalez; Feliz Gonzalez Herranz
JuntoSalimos is the first free-social-online-gamified platform that helps Spanish-speaking early-stage entrepreneurs anytime and anywhere by offering them the visibility, knowledge and connections they need to succeed.

Team Leader: Kristof Schum WG’16
Team Member: Domonkos Szabo
NASH is an online marketplace, on which you can easily hire an expert negotiator who achieves the best price for you by negotiating on your behalf. Buying a car? Planning a wedding? Dealing with contractors? On you can get a negotiator for free: only the achieved savings are split.

Our Frontier Crowd
Team Leader: Greg Hagin WG’16 (WEMBA PHL)
Team Members: Aristide Toundzi WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); Robert Specht WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); William Chan WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); Nadir Bilici M’19
Our Frontier Crowd is the premiere residential real estate platform dedicated to investment opportunities in Africa. Our technology harnesses the insights of the crowd to connect African real estate developers and potential homebuyers with foreign investors, who seek a chance to earn outstanding financial return and create measurable social impact.

Qorum, Inc.
Team Leader: Andrew Pietra WG’17
Team Members: Jeffrey Ellington WG’17; Conner McNamara; Anna Nassery
Qorum is a mobile app providing discerning millennials a curated list of quality bars. After enjoying their final beverage, users hail a free ride home through the app.

Team Leader: Mengya Li WG’17
Team Member: Bowen Li
The QTEK team offers Surfion, a durable, safe, and effective chemical additive that could make any surface antibacterial and antifungal. Surfion is built into the end product, and will not wash off or wear away. Only one application of Surfion is needed to provide continuous self-decontamination protection over the lifetime of the product.

Sherpa Clinical
Team Leader: Vinay Shah WG’16
Team Member: Chirag Shah
Sherpa Clinical is building a digital marketing platform for healthcare, starting with clinical trial recruitment. Our goal is to use technology to help patients identify and enroll in appropriate clinical trials, thereby improving access to cutting-edge therapies while reducing the time and cost associated with clinical trials.

The Botticella Wine System
Team Leader: Alan Holden WG’16
Team Member: Michelle Trone WG’16
The Botticella Wine System is the Keurig of boxed wine. Botticella is a countertop appliance designed to transform how consumers store and dispense boxed wine. Our Mission is to ensure that every wine drinker can get the perfect glass of wine, for any occasion, at the press of a button.

Team Leader: Steven Weiner WG’16
Team Member: Mike Slagh
VetTechTrek is a veteran-founded nonprofit foundation that is taking the guesswork out of leaving the military and is building a pipeline between the military and the technology sector.

Viking Travel
Team Leader: Sebastian Seehusen WG’16
Team Member: Umberto Garabello
Viking is a mobile and desktop platform through which the traveler posts a travel request, and receives personalized quotes from curated tour operators local to the destination. This approach delivers value all round: the traveler has access to higher expertise and better rates; the supplier gets better volumes and margins

Team Leader: Jennifer Meller WG’16 (WEMBA PHL)
Team Members: Kavita Mangal WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); Alex Kosoglyadov WG’16 (WEMBA PHL)
Waiting in a doctor’s waiting room is enormously frustrating. Wait’sUp is a software application that integrates with the Electronic Medical Record, tracks flow of patients through the doctor’s office, predicts delays in the doctor’s schedule, and alerts patients of delays via text messaging, reducing those prolonged, frustrating waiting room waits.

Team Leader: Jonathan Sockol W’09/WG’16
Team Members: Zach Hertzel; Mitch Brudy; Juliano DiSimone; Matt Wignall; Bobby Ren; Rick O’Brien
WeTrain is a proud Veteran-owned, fitness-technology company building the “Uber of Personal Training.” Every day, 700,000 training sessions are conducted in the US. Using our application, members request trainers for affordable sessions ($17/half hour or $25/full hour) AND we are able to pay trainers 30% more than the gym.

Carberry M_010_dp_crop 200Bio: Prior to Wharton, Marissa was the Marketing & Events Manager for Endeavor Global, an international nonprofit that selects high-potential entrepreneurs and connects them to services that will help scale their businesses.