Decorating a Haven

Emily Motayed WG’16, Co-founder of Havenly, received a $10,000 Wharton Venture Award to work on her startup over the summer. Near the end of the summer, we asked her a few questions about her progress.

Havenly website pic sm

What does your startup do?

Havenly provides virtual design services, for a flat fee of $199/room. Clients go through an online design process, and then can purchase all the items through our platform as well.

What have you used the Wharton Venture Award for this summer?

I used the award in order to continue working full time as the co-founder on the venture, which included a lot of travel throughout the country.

Describe one great entrepreneurial moment you had over the summer.

We just released brand new look and app—creating it was a big focus for us throughout the summer. As a consumer brand, we felt that it was important to bolster the identify of our brand and really lock in a beautiful design and feel.

What comes next for your startup? How do you plan to continue working on it over the school year?

We are continuing to grow, not only in metrics but also in headcount. We’re looking forward to our next fundraising round as well as making the product more user friendly and beautiful every day.