Enabling Entrepreneurship, Every Other Wednesday

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director at Wharton Entrepreneurship

I love our tagline: “Enabling Entrepreneurship at Penn.” Not only does it have that euphonious alliteration, but it’s such a great description of what we at Wharton Entrepreneurship do.

Like any good entrepreneur, we’re always looking for more and better ways to do that enabling, and this year we’re proud to roll out W.E. Weds: practical workshops and information sessions for the serious entrepreneur, which will take place throughout the school year, every other Wednesday.

We kicked off the series with our annual Entrepreneurship Expo, on Wednesday 9/11. Over a hundred students swarmed through Hoover Lounge in Vance Hall, talking to some of our current Venture Initiation Program members,  learning about entrepreneurial clubs, eating delicious sandwiches from Matt & Marie’s Modern Italian Sandwiches (a VIP company!), and talking to our enthusiastic staff members about everything from the Business Plan Competition to the Small Business Development Center.

The rest of the W.E. Weds series will be, we fully expect, a touch more intimate. The goal of the Expo, after all, was to get the word out about our many programs, and we think it went quite well. We certainly gave away a lot of @WhartonEntrep stickers.

Next week, we hope to see you at the first of our regular W.E. Weds sessions: Idea Generation, with Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick. Come to SHDH 351 on Wednesday, September 25, 12-1:30 pm, partake of a light lunch, and join this terrific workshop. Refine your own ideas, and meet other truly engaged entrepreneurs.

After that, it’s Marketing for Startups on 10/9, Library Resources on 10/23, Student Venture Case Study on 11/6, Business Model Generation on 11/20, and Market Sizing on 12/11. For full details, see our calendar. And that’s just the fall semester; W.E. Weds will be back in the spring with still more vital information for the entrepreneur.

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