Entrepreneurs: Wharton Wants You!

by Megan Mitchell

Wharton MBA Admissions is looking for entrepreneurial candidates.  That’s why Tuesday night I had the opportunity to sit on a different kind of admissions panel. This was NOT a traditional admissions panel where average GMAT scores, incoming class composition, graduating class career statistics are provided to an eager group of prospective MBAs who arrived sporting jackets and ties; that event happened Monday night at the Wharton|San Francisco Campus. On June 19, at Google’s Spear Street offices, interested MBA candidates focused on continuing or pursuing an entrepreneurial career path gathered. This evening all “generic” admissions questions were set aside. Instead, the attendees were treated to an inside look at how a group of talented young entrepreneurs had leveraged Wharton’s unique entrepreneurial resources – academic, co-curricular and network focused -in the pursuit of enhancing their entrepreneurial career path. Panelists (as seen from left to right in the photo) included:

  • Omar Seyal (WG’11), co-founder of TagStand, a Y-Combinator alumni company revolutionizing the near field technology space;
  • Luis Perez (WG’08), a Venezuelan native whose immigration status necessitated that he join a hedge fund immediately upon graduating, but who has been able to transition to his pre-Wharton careers of choice, entrepreneurship and angel investing;
  • Julie Price (WG’08), former Wharton VIP member and co-founder of Shinobi Labs,  a company using mobile technology to make exercise fun;
  • Ayo Omojola (WG’11), former Wharton VIP member and co-founder of WanderPlayer, another Y-Combinator alumni company, transforming your phone into a console so you can play games on any screen;
  • Rich Grant (WG’08), Senior Associate at Comcast Ventures, the lone voice on the panel representing VCs; and
  • Ankur Kumar (WG’07), Director, MBA Admissions moderated the panel.

This entrepreneurship admissions event was the third of its kind; the first of this admissions cycle. Last year, similar events were held in San Francisco and New York. If you are interested in joining us for this year’s New York event to hear how Wharton supports entrepreneurship, it is currently planned for the fall; you will be able to register here to attend. And of course, we’ll post it on the WEP calendar as well!

Omar Seyal, Luis Perez, Julie Price, Ayo Omojola, Rich Grant, and Ankur Kumar