Get Smart

Aaron Goldstein W’16, Co-founder of Fever Smart, received a $10,000 Wharton Venture Award to work on his startup over the summer. Near the end of the summer, we asked his a few questions about his progress.

Fever Smart 2 sm
Aaron Goldstein W’16 presenting at the 2014 Connected Health Symposium in Boston.

What does your startup do? Has your startup changed over the summer?

Fever Smart is a smart patch thermometer that allows for remote and continuous temperature monitoring. We initially launched Fever Smart for the consumer market, but this summer we have been focusing a lot on developing our solution for the clinical market.

What have you used the Wharton Venture Award for this summer?

The Wharton Venture Award allowed me to work full time on Fever Smart this summer. This money was used to continue to develop our software solutions and increase our manufacturing capabilities.

Describe one great entrepreneurial moment you had over the summer.

This summer I traveled overseas to meet with manufacturing and distributing partners for Fever Smart. I quickly realized that my week abroad was a culmination of my collective experiences, resulting in a better understanding of cross-cultural business practices and the differences in entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

What comes next for your startup? How do you plan to continue working on it over the school year?

We are continuing to grow Fever Smart and enter new markets with our technology. I am looking forward to continuing to work on Fever Smart throughout the school year and take advantage of all of the start-up resources on campus.