JibJab: The Business Of Making Things That Make People Laugh

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

Gregg (WG'99) and Evan Spiridellis on The Tonight Show.
Gregg (WG’99) and Evan Spiridellis on The Tonight Show.

“Wharton alumni status is gold,” enthused Gregg Spiridellis WG’99, co-founder of digital entertainment studio JibJab. The irreverent humor of JibJab’s celebrated political satire, their Year in Review shorts (featured on The Tonight Show), and “Starring You” ecards all came about because of Gregg’s Wharton experience. Gregg knew by his second year that he wanted to build a tech company, and shortly after graduation, he did so, co-founding JibJab with his brother Evan.

Recently, Gregg sat down with Wharton Entrepreneurship to reminisce about his student days, imagine the future of distribution channels, and tell us just how much fun he has running a company that’s “in the business of making things that make people laugh.”