Lauch Pad: A Folding Helmet, A Safer Ride

“About 90% of bike-related deaths were associated with people that were not wearing a helmet,” explains AnneeLondon founder Rachel Benyola. Wearing a helmet, “reduces head and neck injury by at least 50 percent to 60 percent, which is huge in making the difference between life and death.”

The only problem is, many people find helmets inconvenient or unstylish. AnneeLondon is out to change all that—and save lives in the process.

The big innovation in the London, their flagship product, is that it folds up to 30% of its original size. In Karl’s words, when folded, it’s “the size of an iPad Mini, but about two inches thick,” a size that can easily fit in most bags.

In addition, the London is safer, made out of military grade safety material, and lasts longer than ordinary helmets—six to eight years, instead of the usual two to three.

Finally, it looks cool.

Listen to Karl and Rachel talk about what inspired her to quit a doctoral program to pursue entrepreneurship, her unusual MBA interview, and how she became so passionate about bike helmets.