Launch Pad: Beautiful Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors

Comfortable, sexy bras for breast cancer survivors, from a woman who is a survivor herself.

AnaOno founder Dana Donofree’s story is a classic example of solving your own problem–and perfect illustration of why we need more women entrepreneurs and VCs. She solved a problem that affects only women, and in doing so created a new industry. Because of both of these, she has sometimes run into difficulties persuading VCs, who are predominantly male, that her product is truly needed or that her market even exists.

But breast cancer survivors are profoundly grateful to have bras that not only offer comfort and support for their post-cancer bodies, but make them feel beautiful as well. So does this market exist?” I’ve been more than doubling my sales every year,” Dana says.

Karl Ulrich and Dana discuss details of building the company, how Dana’s experience as a fashion designer dovetailed into this new career, and the story of where the name AnaOno came from (it’s very funny).