Launch Pad: Cancel That Unused Subscription

That gym membership you signed up for but haven’t used in five years? You know they’re still charging your credit card every month, right?

What if someone would not just point that out to you—but also take care of cancelling it as well?

This is what Truebill does. As founder Yahya Mokhtarzada puts it, True Bill is “an automated financial advocate that takes action on your behalf to save you money.”

With Truebill, you can see everything that you’re paying for automatically, like subscriptions or bills, and you can cancel any of them with just one click.

Yes, even that gym membership that claims you have to come in person.

Plus, if Truebill notices that your cable bill seems awfully high, it’ll suggest a bill negotiator. They’re successful in lowering bills 85% of the time.

Basically, the kind of money saving stuff that we would all totally do if we had the time—Truebill does it.

Listen to Karl Ulrich and Yahya talk about the origin story of Truebill (14 months of a recurring charge for in-flight wifi that slipped under Yahya’s radar!), the Y Combinator experience, and why, if you have investors begging to offer you money, you should really take it. (Or as Karl puts it: “When the cookie jar is passed, take the cookies, because you never know when that cookie jar is coming around again.”)