Launch Pad: The Easiest Way To Buy & Sell Cars

A test drive that comes to you. A car loan you can close on your mobile device. Wouldn’t it be amazing if buying a car could be this easy?

With Shift, it is.

Here’s founder George Arison’s elevator pitch:

“Shift is a way to buy and sell cars. If you have a car to sell you come to our website, you submit your car quote, or you download our app and you scan your VIN. And based on that car information that you submit we give you a price quote on that car for how much we think we can sell the car for, and then how much money you would make on that sale. Virtually all of the time you make more than you would if you traded a car into a dealer, and in many cases a lot more than if you trade the car into a dealer. If you want to then work with us we will come out and pick up the car from you and take it away, and you’ll never see the car again, and we’ll do all of the work to get it sold.”

Karl Ulrich and George have a fascinating conversation about Shift, digging into the two-sided market, and why Shift is executing on this idea better than the competition, but perhaps the most fascinating insight of the whole interview is Karl’s realization that Shift is actually “a loan company that sells cars.”

The impetus for Shift came from the difficulty and opacity of getting a car loan—the rest is all what George calls “augmentations to service,” in other words, making the experience awesome, the whole way through.

Listen to learn more about how to execute on your startup idea, because as George also points out, “I don’t think there’s such a thing as like a fundamentally unique idea… most businesses are built through really strong execution.”

George should know. In 2007, he invented the basic idea of Uber with his company, Taxi Magic—but, in his assessment, failed to respond to feedback, and failed to test and iterate well. You know which one is a household name today.