Launch Pad: Nadine McCarthy Kahane WG’12, Founder of Stone & Strand


Stone and Strand earrings

Valentine’s Day is coming! Whether you’re shopping for your sweetie or indulging in a gorgeous piece for yourself, Stone and Strand has the jewelry you want.

Elevator pitch: “Stone and Strand is the leading online jewelry retailer for stylish millennial women. We are founded for women by women and our mission is to empower the female self purchaser and really modernize what has traditionally been a very stuffy overpriced shopping experience and turn it into a fresher value driven fashionable and importantly include our sassy take on it as well.”

Who shops at Stone and Strand? Founder Nadine McCarthy Kahane WG’12, describes their customer: “The urban woman who buys jewelry for herself and cares about fashion. So she wants jewelry that fits into her wardrobe and looks beautiful.”

This is important. While you certainly can buy from Stone and Strand for another (who doesn’t love to receive jewelry?), Nadine emphasizes that this is a not the center of their sales model. Stone and Strand isn’t about jewelry that a guy buys for his wife on their anniversary. Instead: “We really aim to represent and serve this new modern working woman who’s buying whatever she likes whenever she likes just because she loves it.”

It’s an interesting spot in the market, and a relatively new one: “We’re doing is, in a sense, bringing fast fashion to fine jewelry while keeping the quality that people expect from a higher end purchase”

Listen to Karl Ulrich and Nadine McCarthy Kahane discuss the changing landscape of jewelry, how to attract Millennials, and how Nadine used her Wharton MBA to switch careers, from healthcare marketing to jewelry entrepreneur.