Mixing it up at Wharton|San Francisco

By Irina Yuen, Senior Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship, Wharton|San Francisco

In late September, we broke new ground by hosting a mixer to bring together Wharton MBA students – “What’s new about this?” – I’m sure you are asking, since MBA students are ALL about networking ALL the time. This event was held at Wharton|San Francisco and brought together our students from the Executive MBA program with MBA students from the inaugural Semester in San Francisco (SSF) cohort.  Their coursework and faculty are the same, but they take classes at completely different times and therefore typically their paths never cross… until now.

Beginning in early September, a group of 55 students from the full-time MBA program in Philadelphia came to San Francisco in a pilot program for the fall semester that offers a full slate of classes.  Most of these students are entrepreneurially minded: Some are building their own business, others spent their summer working at start-ups in the Valley, several are actively engaged in Wharton Entrepreneurship’s co-curricular programming.

In the spirit of creating one entrepreneurial community across all classes, Wharton Entrepreneurship hosted a mixer to bring together the VIP community and broader community of Wharton | San Francisco and SSF students.  This turned a single into a double, but once we added in the Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni network in the region, it became a grand slam!

The night kicked off with a smaller group, in support of Venture Initiation Program networking, where each VIP team had the opportunity to formally speak about their ventures, discuss recent milestones, and ask for help from the advisors and select friends.

Once that concluded, the doors were opened to all WEMBA and SSF students.  The evening was a smashing success with 200 attending. The entrepreneurial bond that brought them together and will keep them together.

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  1. There are definitely positive synergies between the skills and cultures of the two classes. This inaugural event was a great start. I believe a number of the attendees have begun to involve newly discovered classmates in their entrepreneurial ventures(As I have). Looking forward to many more!

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