Prayas Analytics: 2015 Wharton Business Plan Competition Finalist

By Yash Kothari W’15, Team Leader for Prayas Analytics

Team Member: Pranshu Maheshwari C’15/W’15

Prayas Analytics is an analytics solution that lets brick-and-mortar retailers run tests and optimize in-store operations. By collecting continuous data on store operations, we allow retailers to make changes to their in-store offering, similarly to how tools like Google Analytics allow websites to be optimized. All of the data is collected seamlessly by analyzing the video feeds from security cameras in the store.

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What’s new and exciting about your business plan?

We have been making some great progress. Our team is now 5 people big and we are currently in the process of onboarding a few more large retailers. Pranshu and I are as excited as ever to be graduating in a month and working on Prayas full time.

How did you come up with this idea?

Pranshu and I first really got to know each other during a Wharton Leadership Venture in Utah about 2 years ago. We found out that we shared many overlapping interests, including a fascination with data and how it could be used to quantify things that had never been quantified before. Soon after the trip, we got started on our project and after interviewing over 50 Wharton alumni, we landed on what is now Prayas Analytics.

What does it mean to you to be one of the eight finalists in the Wharton Business Plan Competition?

We are extremely grateful and humbled to be one of the eight finalists. We are looking forward to seeing how far we can go!

What’s one fun fact about each member of your team?

To improve sleep quality, Yash wears blue-blocking orange glasses at night before going to bed. Pranshu was one of the final five members to be considered as the lead for Life of Pi.

If you win the Perlman Grand Prize ($30,000 cash prize, $10,000 in legal services, $5,000 in accounting/strategy services, GLG Share Fellowship), what will you do with the money?

The money will be extremely helpful as we look to go full-time with Prayas. It will help us onboard another team member and give us enough cash flow to really start growing over the next couple of months.