Startup Challenge Semifinalist: BreachRx

BreachRx Team 1500 x 1000

Team Leader:
Alonzo Ellis, WG’17
Team Members:
Andy Lunsford, WG’17
James Green, WG’17

elevator pitch: BreachRx is an incident response software platform that allows enterprises to respond to cyber incidents efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Alonzo, our CTO, was seeking this type of solution for his employer, but he was not able to find an existing solution in the market.

How will your venture change the world?
BreachRx will transform the cyber incident response process for companies from a drawn-out lengthy crisis to a routine business practice. The average data breach response process takes companies many months and often years. BreachRx will allow companies to shorten this process to a matter of days.

Fun Facts:

  • Andy comes from a family of fly fishermen and was on the river before he could walk.
  • James is a vocalist who sings everywhere but the shower.
  • Alonzo loves to travel. 45 countries and counting!

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