Startup Challenge Semifinalist: FounderNest

FounderNest - Miguel Gonzalez

Team Leader:
Miguel Gonzalez, G’17/WG’17

Team Members:
Felix Gonzalez
Javier Garcia
Manuel Botija

elevator pitch: FounderNest is an online matchmaking platform that helps founders overcome their challenges. First, by helping them identify th eir most pressing needs. And second, by connecting them with the right experts in a timely manner.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
The two cofounders, Miguel and Felix, have been working on different ventures for the past six years . Throughout this time , we have experienced the struggle of finding expert advice for our ventures and we actually had to close off two of them as we were unable to find expert help to overcome our challenges. Through FounderNest, we are tackling this problematic while helping our peer founders grow their ventures and succeed.

Fun Facts:

  • Miguel’s fun fact: He is extremely good at impersonating other people’s voices!
  • Felix’s fun fact: He is one of those rare species that can proudly say to have never drunk a glass containing any type of liquor or wine.
  • Javier’s fun fact: He doesn’t know why but when it comes to describing an extreme picture or situation, he unconsciously selects the word that describes exactly the opposite. For example, if he goes to the beach and it’s really hot, he would say “Oh my god, this is really cold!”
  • Manuel’s fan fact: He works on Saturdays because he just loves it!

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