Startup Challenge Semifinalist: Group K Diagnostics

Group K logo
GroupK team photo

Team Leader:
Brianna Wronko, ENG’17

Team Members:
Ghassan Kara, WG’18
Amelia Keaton, GR’17

Eric Tepper, C’17, GEN’18
Dayita Sharma, ENG’20

elevator pitch: Group K Diagnostics strives to revolutionize healthcare through innovative point of care (POC) diagnostics. Our MultiDiagnostic device will enable vital healthcare in low resource settings and developing countries, while decreasing cost and wait-time of current diagnostics in developed countries.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Brianna worked in an HIV clinic for a year, and during her time there realized that many patients were lost to follow-up. Because of this, we weren’t getting important diagnostic test results in time to make changes to the care plan of patients. Given her background in microfluidics and engineering, she saw a space in which this engineering background could be used to solve the issue of loss-of-follow-up impacting patients’ care, not just in the HIV clinic but in many other uses: lower blood samples from preemies in the NICU, faster results in the ICU and OR, expanded care in urgent clinics and home nursing services. Thus, the MultiDiagnostic and Group K Diagnostics was born.

How will your venture change the world?
We aim to change the world through providing better, faster care for providers to use to improve their patients’ lives. This will increase positive patient outcomes in developed nations, and greatly expand and revolutionize healthcare in developing countries.

Fun Facts:

  • Brianna: I know three languages and am learning two others.
  • Ghassan: Last summer I surfed with Tom Brady.
  • Amelia: I’m a certified lifeguard.
  • Eric: I’m the Quaker Mascot.
  • Dayita: I teach piano to young children.

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