Startup Challenge Semifinalist: Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde team photo

Team Leader:
Jenna Kerner, WG’17
Team Member:
Jane Fisher, WG’17

elevator pitch: Harper Wilde champions the modern definition of sexy: witty, confident, ambitious. We are revolutionizing the bra shopping experience to one that enables her busy life, rather than one that obstructs it.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
The idea came about very organically from a simple question: “Why are bras so expensive?” We both had recently endured one of those all-consuming bra shopping trips – spending countless hours sorting through hundreds of over-priced options – and immediately bonded over our horrendous experiences. We knew something had to change, and thus began our quest to answer just that question. What could possibly make these bras so damn expensive?

How will your venture change the world?
We are changing the conversation in the bra industry to empower women and make their busy lives easier. To start, we are providing everyday bras at a fair price through a humorous brand. Additionally, we’re donating a portion of our revenues to help put young girls through school, further building on our mission to support and empower women. Together we can lift your ladies AND the next generation

Fun Facts: Jenna & Jane play on the same ice hockey team, despite neither knowing how to play ice hockey or how to skate

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