Startup Challenge Semifinalist: NeuroFlow

neuro flow logo
Neuroflow Team Picture - cropped

Team Leader:
Chris Molaro, WG’17

Team Members:
Adam Pardes, Gr’19
Sam DeLuccia, GEN’17
Jenny Wang, GNu’17
Taylor Concannon, ENG’17/GEN’18
Matt Roll

elevator pitch: NeuroFlow is changing the way we see brain health. We developed a digital health solution that uses real-time biometric data to measure stress for optimal mental health and enhanced performance applications.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Chris Molaro, NeuroFlow’s co-founder and CEO, was a Captain in the US Army and deployed overseas, witnessing with his Soldiers and fellow Veterans the extreme ineffectiveness of the mental health system. With the advent and progress of innovative technologies that are mobile and non-invasive, for the first time ever we are have access to data that otherwise would not be available. NeuroFlow is leveraging that change in the market and these new technologies to analyze this exciting data.

How will your venture change the world?
Mental health and the way we understand our brain and mind is ambiguous to say the least. The standard of care is patient self-reporting and pure subjective measures. We have no clear, consistent way of understanding our brains. With NeuroFlow’s real-time data analysis tool, we can draw patterns, incorporate AI and machine learning in understanding how our minds really work and react to various stimuli – we are truly changing the way we see brain health.

Fun Facts:

  • Christopher Molaro – met his wife 17 years ago when they were 12
  • Adam Pardes – was on the high school varsity bowling team
  • Sam DeLuccia – first concert ever was Britney Spears
  • Jenny Wang – won a silver medal on the National Mythology Exam
  • Taylor Concannon – contributing writer for Rock On Philly
  • Matt Roll – ambidextrous tennis player

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