Startup Challenge Semifinalist: Pinch

Team Leader:
Sarah Budhiman, WG’17
Team Members:
Dylan Hooe, WG’17
Don Wang, IPD’18

2017 Pennvention winner

elevator pitch: For the modern consumer who wants to cook more and experiment with new recipes, Pinch is a revolutionary in-store machine that lets you buy the exact amount of fresh and organic spices, herbs, and seasonings that you need for your next meal.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Co-founders Sarah Budhiman and Dylan Hooe uncovered the need for Pinch while preparing a meal for 12 classmates in the Wharton Food Club. When 30% of the shopping bill total was traced back to the spice aisle, they knew there was an opportunity to eliminate a key friction in the grocery marketplace.

How will your venture change the world?
Home cooking is a special and unifying experience often enjoyed with friends, family, and/or significant others. Pinch aims to create more of these moments, one meal at a time.

Fun Facts:
Sarah, Dylan, and Don are all passionate foodies. Their all-time favorite meals so far have been Omakase Sushi in Tokyo, Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, and Matumbo Stew in Nairobi respectively.

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