Startup Challenge Semifinalist: Slice Capital

Slice logo
Slice team photo

Team Leader:
Rohan Shah, ENG’19

Team Members:
Krish Dholakiya
Jeff Wang, C’17
Dan Stepanov

Christian Butts, W’18
Michael Raevsky, C’17, W’17
Parker Odrich

elevator pitch: Slice Capital is democratizing Venture Capital, by allowing everyday individuals to invest in pre-vetted startups at the tap of a button. They’re challenging the way that people think about equity crowdfunding, through their breakthrough low-minimum, mobile-first platform.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
From an early age, Rohan has been investing in various asset classes, from stocks to commodities to even Bitcoin (which is how he’s been able to bootstrap the company to this point). He’s also been very active in the hackathon scene ever since sophomore year of high school, which originally brought him into the startup scene. Eager to invest in the early stage companies he read about, he looked for a platform to do so, to no avail… thus, Slice Capital was born and the team was assembled!

How will your venture change the world?
Slice Capital will help provide much needed capital to companies that need it most and will offer unprecedented access to this brand new asset class to everyone, rather than to just the top 1%. Currently, the other 99% has over $30T in banking and brokerage accounts. However, by giving non-accredited investors the opportunity to allocate just 1% of their assets to equity crowdfunding, Slice will push an additional $300B into the Venture Capital space. This is more than 10x the total amount of funding allocated by professional investors in all of last year. Slice’s unique platform will allow thousands of new investors to help fund companies that have the power to make a dramatic impact on our collective future.

Fun Facts:

  • Rohan played Young Prince Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender when he was 14 years old.
  • Krish was the youngest PennApps Fellow and has very strong ties to the Philly tech scene, even though he’s from Colorado.
  • Jeff is one of four quadruplets.
  • Dan never wears shoes while in the office – he either goes barefoot or wears bunny slippers.
  • Christian can speak Spanish and Swahili and has been singing in both languages since 4th grade!
  • Michael only has nine toes.
  • Parker has perfect pitch.

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