A Student Founded Accelerator

By Calista Dominy C’20, Co-founder of Pre-Med 

Calista Dominy presenting at YouthHack
Calista Dominy presenting at YouthHack

Being part of the YouthHack Ventures Accelerator, founded by David Ongchoco C’18, has been a beyond rewarding experience. As a team of two freshman entrepreneurs starting a patient education app company, my co-founder, Eash Aggarwal C’18, and I have found it immensely helpful to have a network around us to support and help us through the ups and downs of growing a business.

As part of the accelerator, we had YouthHack meetings every Sunday with our awesome mentor, Wesley Chow C’18, to work on developing the business plan and marketing strategies for our company, Pre-Med. We also attended lectures by entrepreneur guest speakers that YouthHack would bring in; they shared their personal stories about growing their businesses and gave us advice about making it as an entrepreneur. Through our connections in YouthHack, Eash and I were awarded the opportunity to present at two pitch events during the fall semester: an Intercollegiate demo day and the end of semester YouthHack demo day in front of a panel of investors.

Throughout YouthHack, Eash and I learned how to create a solid pitch deck tailored to a specific audience. Pitch decks are essential when meeting with investors or potential clients to show them what your business has to offer. YouthHack definitely taught us how to market our company to the right people.

Pre-Med was able to grow by expanding our network through YouthHack. In addition to David, Wesley, and the rest of the mentors, we got to connect with other startup teams. Hearing their ideas, experience, and goals allowed us to learn and grow as a business as well. Our mentor Wesley put us in contact with a health technology entrepreneur who offered us great advice on how to determine the market for Pre-Med. Additionally, Pre-Med is part of the Wharton Venture Initiation Program, which has also allowed us to expand our contact and collaboration with other startup teams and advisors.

Currently, Pre-Med is running a pilot program at Panda Bear Pediatrics to test our technology platform with real patients and doctors. We hope to scale our pilot program to be used at a large healthcare system in the coming months. We are creating more procedure cards based on common procedures for different fields and working on expanding and improving our business model. Our major goal on our list next is to get Pre-Med into as many private practices and hospital systems as possible.

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Calista DominyBio: Calista Dominy is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computational Biology. She is a member of Access Engineering and a researcher at a CHOP cardiology lab.