Six Reasons to Be a (Graduate) “Studentpreneur”

By Betty Hsu WG’14, Founder of ProfessorWord

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in Education Week.

I worked on ProfessorWord while I was an MBA student, so I’m often asked about my experiences as a “studentpreneur.” One common question is whether I think graduate school is a good time to launch a startup.

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Three Wharton Startups Enter the Shark Tank

By Matthew Brodsky, Editor, Wharton Magazine


Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the Wharton Magazine blog. Zoobean’s Shark Tank episode has since aired. Watch it here (Zoobean runs 15:15-25:00, and it’s an exciting segment!) 

No matter what happens to Jordan Lloyd Bookey WG’07 and husband Felix Brandon Lloyd on Friday night on Shark Tank, they can at least have the consolation that they didn’t have to wait in endless lines to audition for ABC’s hit TV reality show. Although they nearly did. Read more Three Wharton Startups Enter the Shark Tank