R.I.P. FinTech

By Matt Carey C’07/WG’15, Co-founder of Abaris

Financial technology (FinTech) as a niche is dead. No, it’s not going away. Rather, financial technology is on the cusp of becoming so entrenched in every aspect of global finance that we’ll stop thinking of it as a niche and start thinking of it as the core of how financial services is delivered to consumers, corporations and institutional investors. The rise of FinTech will actually accelerate the already blurred lines between bank and nonbank institutions, between an algorithm and a human salesforce, and between the work of machines and the work of flesh-and-blood professionals.

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Bienvenidos a Mexico! My Summer at a Wharton FinTech Startup

By Zach Kahn WG’16

Much of my career before Wharton was spent in the nonprofit sector. I worked both domestically and abroad (in South America) in my previous life. Coming to Wharton I hoped to learn not only about how businesses could address social issues outside of the traditional nonprofit/NGO model, but also learn about where I fit into the larger picture.

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FinTech in Kenya

By Nicole Martinez W’16

When you think of start-ups, you probably picture Silicon Valley, incubators in New York or maybe even the Wynwood District in Miami. Yet, here I am in Nairobi, Kenya, working for Musoni, a company born from a FinTech wave that is transforming the way people access formal financial services, particularly in developing economies.

A Musoni loan officer provide financial services to a client using a tablet.
A Musoni loan officer providing financial services to a client using a tablet.

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The Next Big Deal at Wharton: FinTech

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Wharton Magazine blog.

By Paulynn Yu WG’15

I felt like I was peering into the future of finance as a participant at Finovate 2014 held in San Jose. The conference is the biggest showcase of new financial services technology applications in the world. I also remember thinking, “Wow, this is a big deal,” when I learned that two other similar conferences, LendIt and Money2020, had more than tripled their attendance in the last two years.

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FinTech for Wharton: Join the New Club

By Daniel McAuley WG’16 and Steve Weiner WG’16, Co-founders of Wharton FinTech

When we came to Wharton, we both wanted to immerse ourselves and make an impact in the world of financial technology (FinTech). We recognized this would be an area of growth and that Wharton was uniquely positioned to play a part in this trend, with its deep expertise in finance and campus presence on both coasts. We found that many of our classmates shared this outlook and some had professional experience in FinTech. Many still were interested in working for startups or leveraging prior finance experience to found FinTech companies. We also found there was demand from the industry for a channel to students who care about these issues and want to build careers around them. To our surprise, there were no other MBA FinTech clubs in the US or abroad, and we started what we believe to be the first ever student-led FinTech initiative, here at Wharton.

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