You’ve Got Questions; Founders’ Retreat Has Answers

By David Kimball WG’15

Last year, I remember the days leading up to the Founder’s Retreat.  I felt nervous and anxious, wondering if others would see me as a legitimate entrepreneur.  I was excited to be around other like-minded people and meet some new VCs / angel investors.  Most of all, I wondered if I would have a moment of clarity and receive some long-awaited answers to questions that had been ringing around my mind for months.  Were the two years and $120,000 I was about to spend worth it or should I spend that time and money launching a company?  Should I launch a biz during school or would I be happier getting a job and launching one later down the road? Are the faculty at Wharton engaged in entrepreneurship or simply happy to teach their classes and conduct their research?

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