The Challenge of Product-Market Fit: Microdyne Robotics

Microdyne Robotics was a member of the second cohort of the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program, hosted by the Penn Center for Innovation in spring 2016. We asked the founders to reflect on the program, and how it helped their startup grow.

By Elizabeth Hunter ENG’13/GR’19, Denise Wong GR’17, and Edward Steager, Co-founders of Microdyne Robotics

Microdyne Robotics is a company founded with the broad vision of automated manipulation of objects at length scales less than 100 microns, generally smaller than the width of a hair. We’re interested in applying new discoveries and techniques that we develop in the lab to problems such as biological cell sorting, targeted drug delivery, and fine-scale force microscopy. We use arrangements of electromagnets to manipulate microfabricated, magnetic robots that are controlled using visual feedback, typically using a microscope as an interface.

Microbots schematic
Microbot schematic

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